About Us

Hi! I’m Patrick, the owner of Canaruba. I purchased this home in 2017 and am really happy to be able to share my amazing experience with you and help you have an incredible and relaxing vacation in Aruba. Here’s me with my kids in a “colder” climate…

There were  a couple of reasons why I purchased this home and named it Canaruba (“naming” a home is apparently a tradition on the island):

1) I love the island. Most sun of any of the Caribbean islands, clean drinking water out of every tap, amazing restaurants, great nightlife, beautiful white sand, warm bright blue ocean. The island has a great breeze throughout the day which keeps the 30 degree temperature “comfortable.”

2) I love the home – which I’ve called Canaruba. It was built 10 years ago and lived in by the original builders until I purchased it. They took great care and great pride in their home, and it shows. They never rented it out though – so now I am hoping to have you share some great experiences at Canaruba, and help me by posting some awesome reviews! – and of course, the pool means you can cool off anytime, day or night. It is close to the beach – and all the beaches are public – – so many reasons why we loved this place and needed to make it ours!

Oh – and I wanted to learn how to kitesurf, and Aruba is a great place for that!2018-12-11 11.01.05

So what’s with the name?

I wanted to bring a bit of Canada to Aruba. Not the snow or the cold, and I’ll probably never get a game of hockey going – but the best parts of Canada: our love of diversity, openness, friendliness, and sense of adventure.

If you look closely the logo you’ll see the Canadian maple leaf and the Aruba star.


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