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Google Map Link: Favourite Restaurants

There is a binder on the table at Canaruba that has cards for some of our favourite places. Please add your favourites!

Here are our top favourites:

  • Gasparitowww.gasparito.com – if you are looking for a true Arubian meal, this is the place to go. Incredible food and awesome service. We’ve got to know the owner and he is super (and if you bring one of our Canaruba business cards to him he will give you a discount on your meal as well.)
  • Madame Janette’s –  www.madamejanette.info – a wide variety of food, all of which is great. This is the largest place on our “top favourites” but we’d still recommend a reservation.
  • Wacky Wahoo’s – no website – the best seafood we have had ever, anywhere. Very small place. Just steps away from the main area in Palm Beach. There is no website, but this link will give you some info. You will definitely need to make a reservation – and maybe even a week or more before you arrive. You can call them at +297 586 7333. Tip: Call between 3 – 4pm Aruba time as this is the best chance you’ll have of them answering the phone. It’s a lot of work – but worth it. UPDATE (Nov’21): At the moment Wacky Wahoo is only accepting walk-in guests and is not accepting reservations.
  • Zeerovers – no website +297 584 8401 – On the south / east end of the island, this is the most amazing, but simple (and affordable) restaurant in our favourites – your choice is shrimp or fish (no selection, just whatever was caught that day) and you order it by the pound. You eat at picnic tables by the ocean. A great way to end the day if you are coming back from Baby Beach.

In no particular order, but here is a list of places that other guests have recommended:

If you are looking for a restaurant that delivers, check out food-aw. It’s kind of like UberEats, Aruba style.

And finally, our favourite lunch / brunch place is Eduardo’s. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is on the beach in front of Playa Linda. Eduardo’s Hideaway is closer to Canaruba (0.9 miles, right beside Ng grocery store). Try the Acai bowl!

Stealing a page from VisitAruba.com

For a true taste of the island’s diverse flavors, we suggest trying one (if not all) of these Aruba eats:

Marina PirataO’Neil Caribbean KitchenChupa Dede SnacksLings RestaurantFish House Island Bar & RestaurantNos Local Snack TruckDushi DeliCandela Food Truck, Happy Day Snack, Urataka PizzaCoco PlumDon Pastechi FactoryKulture CafeNisbon SnackKamini’s KitchenGrote Berg SnackMy Good Idea’s Takeaway, and De Suikertuin Bistro.

To discover more food trucks on the island check out this list for some of our favorites.

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