The closest grocery store is Ting Wei, which is 0.6 miles from here. It’s small – but they have a lot of stuff. You’ll see what we mean.

The other grocery stores are probably more like what you are used to at home – large, fresh, and most of the same brands.

Ling & Sons (an IGA store) is also good – it is further down on this map.
NEW! Ling & Sons has just launched online shopping. Check it out here:

If you feel like some exercise and want to walk for your groceries, there is a fold-up shopping cart in the laundry room.

There is also a grocery delivery service – The fee for delivery is $15.








Dining Out

You will see cards from some of the more popular restaurants in the area in the pages that follow. Please add your favourites!

A couple of other places worth checking out are and They are great and a little more off the tourist paths. Another local Aruban restaurant is

On the south end of the island, check out Zeerovers (no website – +297 584 8401)


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