Pricing & Availability

Amounts below are in US$.

Please check out VRBO here to see what dates are available and the rates for the dates you are looking at.

*Remember: there are no hurricanes in Aruba! You can book year-round with confidence.

You may notice that there is a tourist/lodging tax on bookings through VRBO. This is because we are a registered property in Aruba (~12.5%). This makes sure you have no issues when you declare the address on the arrival documentation and also gives you the peace of mind that we are an approved home with a “health & happiness” certification (a new post-Covid thing).

If you are interested in a stay of longer than 1 week, please ask us about a longer-stay discount.

The nightly rate applies for stays of 5 nights or longer. If you are interested in a shorter stay, we are happy to work with you, but there may be a small fee to cover our additional costs associated with guests arriving & departing.

These are the rates that are also published on VRBO and HomeAway. The rates on AirBnB are slightly higher due to fees charged to us by AirBnB.

Do you have a larger group?

Good friends of ours have another home about 100 yards away and we’d be happy to help co-ordinate this for you.

The fine print

Extra Guests

We don’t charge extra for extra guests. Canaruba comfortably accommodates 6 people. (You may notice that some properties for rent on the popular sites lure you in with a low price and then by the time you check out you’ve had to pay for each guest over 2 or 4 and before you know it, it’s a lot more expensive than you thought. We don’t do that.)


In addition to these rates, there is a cleaning charge for the cleaning at the end of your stay. We don’t charging the full rate of what this costs us in order to keep the cost as close as possible to our published rate for you.


Utilities can be expensive in Aruba. So you will find that almost all places will either charge you extra for utility usage or provide you an “allowance”. If you are looking at other places, please ask them how much allowance they provide and what that will typically cover. Here’s what we do:

We don’t charge you for water usage. We’re trusting that you aren’t going to take hour-long showers or drain the pool!

We offer a $100 per week allowance to cover electricity usage ($14 per night). We set this based on typical household electricity usage and then assuming that you turn on the air conditioners in each bedroom at bedtime with the doors closed and turned them off when you wake up. The A/C is the biggest use of electricity — If you run the A/C in the living room then this will likely cause the usage to exceed the allowance. (When this happens it comes off of the security deposit.) We can tell you though that when you open both the front doors and the windows, the constant breeze in Aruba will keep the home comfortable. And a quick dip in the pool along with a margarita will make you feel as refreshed as you want to be.

Our on-island property manager will take a meter reading when you arrive and when you depart. We’d encourage you to check your usage periodically during your stay: you can calculate how much you have used with a rate of $0.30/kwh.

The Rental Agreement

We want you to be very happy with every aspect of your stay, and no surprises. So please feel free to read through the full rental agreement. It is also part of what you are agreeing to when you book through the rental sites.

Canaruba Rental Agreement

We’ve tried to be as clear and transparent as possible, but please let us know if you have any questions.

Booking with VRBO / HomeAway / AirBnB – or Directly with Us?

There are advantages for both of us when you book through these sites. It’s easy, it protects each of us, and perhaps most importantly it allows you to provide us with a (great!) review, and us to do the same in return.

We recognize that this comes at a cost though. You have to pay a fee and so do we.

If you wish to book directly with us we are open to it. Please let us know and we’ll talk about the specifics.

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