Renting a Car

Most of the major rental companies offer rentals at the airport in Aruba. You can save a fair bit of money though by going with other companies – and we’ve had some good experience so far. Suggestion is to simply Google Aruba car rental.

Whoever you go with, make sure you find out if they are going to meet you at the airport with the car, or shuttle you to their office, and also if the car is automatic or standard.

Most recently we have used Royal Car Rental – – we found them among the most responsive to emails, good rates, and the service on arrival was excellent. They are located just 2 minutes shuttle from the airport. Their email is

Another company that we have used in the past is called Ace / MeToo. Their email is and their phone # is 011-297-588-684. They will have your car for you at the airport parking lot.

We reserved a car (a Jeep) with for our visit in March. Our experience with the reservation process was very positive, and they were super-friendly and helpful on-site. They have a good selection of cars. There is a very short shuttle required from the airport to the car.

Another place that we had recommended to us is Jay’s: – we haven’t yet used them ourselves but were advised they were good.

The rates of these local companies are much better than the big brands (Hertz, etc). We will say though that the process is a bit different, so a few things:

  • You meet “a guy” out front near the other car rental booths
  • Our first impression that this was a “less legitimate” type of thing – in part because the rates are for paying cash and you are meeting “a guy” – but I was pleasantly surprised…
    • You can pay by credit card if you prefer – just ask them what the rate is in advance so you know
    • process has full paperwork
    • cars are new
    • a good thorough walk-around is done together to note any minor damage
    • they have a 24 # to call in case you have any car troubles
  • Having said that – the first time we returned the car was a bit back to the “casual” side of things… we were a bit late, couldn’t find the guy … another guy (with a different company) said we could leave the keys with him (felt odd, but apparently that is ok), and in the end the company asked us just to leave the keys under the mat in the car!

In the end, we were very happy with the car, the service and we were glad we saved a lot of $ doing it this way. Just took a leap of faith that wasn’t our first instinct (and we’re Canadian!)

In a way, this is a good story about the nature of the country – very friendly, still has that “Caribbean” casualness, and is safe. Apologies if we asked this already – have you been to Aruba before?

If you could, let us know what you do & how the car rental experience goes?

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