Renting a Car

Most of the major rental companies offer rentals at the airport in Aruba. You can save a fair bit of money though by going with a company other than the major brands – and we’ve had nothing but good experience with many of them. Suggestion is to simply Google Aruba car rental.

They will pick you up at the airport and the shuttle is very close – literally a 2 minute drive. (You could walk to most of them but there’s a busy round-about in the way!)

Most recently we have used MiToo Car Rental (  We found them among the most responsive to emails, comparable rates, and the service on arrival and during our stay was excellent. They are located just 2 minutes shuttle from the airport. If you go to their website they have a “contact us” where you can get in touch with them.

Other places that we have used or had recommended to us are:

Please be sure to let us know who you use and how your experience was!

Here is a good article on driving in Aruba.

Also – if you are feeling adventurous please be sure to check out our page on “offroading” in Aruba – so much fun!

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