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Electronics – TV, Chromebook & Atari Game System

There is a large TV in the family room.*

There is also an Atari game system – which we hope gives you a chance to win over your kids for a change!

There are TVs in the master and middle bedrooms as well.

We have also provided a Chromebook (kind of like a laptop) for your use. This will allow you to surf the internet easily. The login is located on the machine.

There is also a monitor that you can hook up the Chromebook or your own computer to (sadly, we know that a vacation doesn’t always mean a complete disconnect!)

Internet: the wifi password is in the binder you will find at the home, and is also on a sticker on the monitor. The wifi signal that you are connecting to is actually coming from the wifi booster. We put this in as it gives a stronger/broader signal than the basic unit behind the TV that belongs to the internet provider. This wifi booster is plugged into the wall outlet underneath the table at the front entrance. The internet quality is fast (>50MB/s) and generally pretty consistent. But if you have any issues, please try unplugging this for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If you would prefer not to deal with the temptation of electronics and get away from it all, just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s all put away before you arrive.

Bose Speaker

Instruction Manual

You can connect your bluetooth devices if you like – but the easiest way is to simply connect the speaker with the standard audio cable we have provided. The instruction manual is included in this guide.Two important things:

  • This speaker is not waterproof, so please keep it away from water and dry
  • Please don’t lose the audio cable – or our next guests will have to figure out the bluetooth!

We would ask that you please don’t remove the speaker or Chromebook from the premises and make sure that they are kept inside to protect them from the elements.

Margaritaville MachineMargaritaville Machine

Instruction Manual

These are delicious!

The full manual is located in the following pages in this binder.

You can make your own mix, or you can buy the mix at a local grocery store.

For best results, take the ice out of the freezer 10-15 minutes before you want to make the drinks – it softens the ice a bit so it can “shave” the ice better.


A washer and dryer are located at the side of the home for your use. The key for the door is on the key ring provided to you.

There is a clothes line strung acraruba-home-rental-sleeps-6oss the side of the yard – with strong sun and winds will dry anything faster than the dryer will – but be sure to use lots of clothes-pins!


A Note on Security Cameras (There are NOT any!)

Since you can probably tell we enjoy the “gadgets”, we would like to point out that we do not leave any recording/security cameras active during your stay. We do have 2 cameras that we use when guests are not staying at Canaruba, but we put them away and they are disconnected upon guest arrival.

The chromebook does have video on it in case you wish to speak with family or friends, but feel free to keep it closed or put some tape over the camera it if you have any concerns.

The previous owners of the home installed cameras around the outside. You will notice that they have all been turned away, and they are not connected for monitoring.

You may have noticed temperature devices in the bedrooms, living room and fridge. These are connected to an internet device and allow us to make sure that the home is ok from a temperature perspective. There are no cameras or video in these devices.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us. 

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